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Aged Care Family Meeting Kit

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Aged Care Family Meeting Kit


Busy lives and distant homes can make it easy to feel out of touch with family members. Sadly, adult children may begin to notice changes in their ageing parents.

It’s distressing and worrying to accept that parents who were once vital may soon require help to manage their day to day needs. Hard decisions may need to be made and many children and parents will need professional guidance to convert the mountain of data on aged care into meaningful and relevant information and ultimately into appropriate decisions.

Facilitate a family meeting

Planning for change gives your family the opportunity to take stock and plan ahead. Families with elderly parents may find the chance to raise issues with parents in relation to their future well being.

As the thought of this discussion is likely to fill those clients with dread – professional help may be invaluable.

Did you know….

Many older Australians live alone and families may not notice the decline in an older person’s ability to live independently. Special family occasions can be a time when families come together and have an opportunity to observe how well a parent is coping.

Now is an ideal time to get in touch with us and access our services that might help. Perhaps we can offer to assist with arranging and running a family meeting.

A family meeting can be an essential step in planning for aged care and may help to minimise conflicts in families. Emotional conflicts between family members can make the transition to care more distressing for an elderly parent and have the potential to rip families apart.

The statistics below show the living status of people aged 65 plus:



The value of a family meeting

A well-run family meeting can allow parents, children, and other family members to discuss issues and preferences, express concerns and make decisions that work for the family as a whole.

The earlier families take this step, the better. Planning ahead ensures that parents are fully involved in the decision making and removes some of the stress from other family members. With a well organised plan in place, families can respond more quickly and effectively when an event necessitating a move to aged care occurs.

Our role as an adviser can alleviate your anxieties by providing you with the benefit of your knowledge and professional advice. Our guidance can help you to see the big picture more objectively, allowing you to consider the best options for your parents’ care, security, and happiness.

Aged Care Action Plan Download Here

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